Nano Protect

Protect the Neglected

Approximately 70% of cyber-attacks are directed towards small and medium-sized businesses. Alarmingly, one out of every ten U.S. businesses lacks any form of insurance coverage against cyber threats. Furthermore, the few genuine Cyber Solutions currently available in the market often come with price tags that exceed the financial capabilities of SMBs.

In response to this pressing issue, Nano Cyber Solutions has introduced enterprise-grade Cyber as a Service (CaaS) solutions, all offered at transparent, fixed rates specifically tailored to meet the needs of SMBs. But our commitment doesn't end there. We have strategically partnered with Cysurance to ensure that each of our valued customers is entitled to cyber warranty and cyber insurance protection at rates that are notably more competitive, boasting savings of over 40% compared to prevailing market rates


Transparency, No BS

The realm of cybersecurity is notably intricate and complex. Furthermore, the prevalent use of fear marketing strategies and tactics often results in the sale of solutions that customers struggle to comprehend, and frequently these solutions do not fit their actual needs.

Nano Cyber solution stands apart by simplifying the landscape for you.

Our approach entails a comprehensive breakdown: we analyze your business, gain insights into your needs, offer transparent and succinct information about your current standing and the associated risks, and ultimately devise a customized solution tailored precisely to your requirements – all at a transparent price point that suits your budget.

Nano Warriror

Ultimate Protection
$ 59 Monthly
  • 24/7 SOC Monitoring
  • Threat Hunting
  • Next-Gen Antivirus
  • EDR
  • Attack Mitigation
  • 3rd Party App Patching
  • OS Updates
  • DNS Monitoring

Nano Squad

Unmatched Protection
$ 95 Monthly
  • Everything in Warrior
  • 24/7 SOC Monitoring
  • Mobile Device Protection
  • BEC Protection
  • Email Protection
  • Phishing Training
  • Browser Protection
  • Browser Monitoring

Nano Army

Complete Protection
$ 180* Monthly
  • Everything in Squad
  • 24/7 Monitoring and Consultation
  • Virtual CISO
  • IT Inventory Management
  • Vulnerability Testing
  • Zero Trust
  • XDR
  • Cyber Traps