Ensuring Data Infringement is Identified and Intercepted

Technical Experts in Security & Data Management

Nano Cyber Solutions leads the way in cyber security innovation with its data management and surveillance services for SMBs. As a company committed to defending clients’ confidential data and making the prevention of hackers hassle-free, we strive to supply clients with effective resources that secure their information to an enterprise extent. Our staff consists of the industry’s most experienced technicians with backgrounds in advanced digital protection and military intelligence. Nano Cyber Solutions is suited to meet client needs and keep their data classified.

In essence, cyber security functions the same as home security – the house (network) is surrounded by a fence (firewall) to protect and secure the internal system. The house has an alarm system (MDR) which is a 24/7 monitorization operation within the computer. Finally, there is a lock on the door (Antivirus) with an Intrusion Detection System (CCTV) to defend the house (network) from unwanted intruders (hackers).

Small-Medium Business Protection

At Nano Cyber Solutions, we understand small to mid-size businesses lack the essential resources needed to establish efficient cybersecurity. Nano Cyber Solutions offers a full Security Operation Center (SOC), Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), Next-Generation Firewalls, Advanced Antiviruses, and a fully operational Security Analysis Team that monitors company data around the clock. Our team of network security experts are qualified for corporate protection and facilitated to serve small-scale businesses.


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