Leader In Cyber Security Innovation. Cyber Solutions That Fit Your Needs. Nano Cyber Solutions Brings Advanced Cyber Security To Small And Medium-Size Businesses As Well As Private Users.

  • Live Security Operation Center – 24/7 Cyber Security Monitoring
  • Hacking Prevention Tools – Live, 24/7 SOC for your business
  • End User Security – NextGen AV, NextGen Firewalls, EDR, IDS and more
  • Live Forensics – Finding hackers when they attack not after they leave
  • Vulnerability Analysis – Process that identifies the security holes

  • Password Management – User authentication and security threats


We Don’t Just Install Security Products, No 3rd Party Vendors. We Provide Enterprise-Level Security Solution To Our SMBs Clients For A Fraction Of The Price Enterprises Pay.

We Build, Maintain, Update, Upgrade And Monitor A Full Cyber Security Solution And 24/7 SOC For A Low Monthly Fee.

We Create A Full, Layered Cyber Security System That Monitors Every Aspect Of The Your Business’ Network, Finding Threats, Removing Them And Keeping Your Business Up And Running In Today’s Threat Landscape

Our solution

Ronen Shlomo, Owner

“We’ve used Nano Cyber Solutions’ services many times for our clients, their teams, compiled of ex-military personnel assisted in both high profile clientele and regular business entities. Nano Cyber Solutions helped us in cyber protection, cyber investigation and providing our clients the peace of mind they deserve. Nano Cyber Solutions was there to help us secure confidential clients’ data, performing penetration tests and building customize security systems for our clients. Nano Cyber Solutions showed high level of professionalism, discreet, knowledgeable, and always thinking outside the box. Where we go, Nano Cyber Solutions goes with us, no matter the destination. Our clients are safer with Nano Cyber Solutions on their side.”

Rachel Cassidy, Media Director

“Being a successful, highly rated, marketing firm, we thrive to give our clients that extra care they deserve, and for that we work hand in hand with Nano Cyber Solutions to secure our clients’ online activities. Throughout the years we’ve seen people getting hacked, websites going down and many phishing campaigns. with the help of Nano Cyber Solutions, we were able to minimize the risk to our clients in this online world. We had Nano Cyber Solutions help our clients become HIPAA compliant, banks compliant, ISO compliant and cyber insurance ready, all in all to provide a better, safer, marketing environment that benefited our clients, and our clients’ clients.”

Avner Gat, President

“Nano Cyber Solutions helped us secure our infrastructure and established a secured and effective work environment. They helped us stay on top of today’s compliance and prevented Ransomware attacks and hacking attempts to our systems. Working with Nano Cyber Solutions was a pleasure. Nano Cyber Solutions trained our employees and conducted monthly tests to our systems in order to keep the level of security to the highest standards. Being a successful adjuster today means gaining trust of your clients, and by securing our cyber environment we gain that trust. They are professionals, knowledgeable, affordable security company that actually here for small sized businesses. I highly recommend Nano Cyber Solutions to any business in need of protection.”